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Fall Exams, 2016 - Holidays - S.K.H.R.

Fall Exams, 2016 – Holidays

November 10th, 2016

We had a great test at the end of October.  Rielly Sensei gave us great feedback about our practice and we look forward to another visit from him in the future.  As usual, whenever there’s a test the real answer after your grading is … Keep Training!

The holidays are nearly here.  Right after Nationals (12-13 November in Valley Forge, PA!) we’ll be bracing ourselves for Thanksgiving.  Right after that it’s holiday shopping madness.

One of the ways to stay sane during the holiday season is to come to the dojo and focus on your practice.  This is true any time, but especially when the pressures of the holiday season are at hand.  Please come regularly!

We will have a holiday party (TBD) as usual, at the dojo. ALL are welcome.  Bring a dish! Bring your kids!  Bring a lot of paper towels… no we’ll handle that.  We look forward to seeing everyone for that – keep an ear out at the dojo for the planning!